Data center and colocation systems

Commercial data center - reliable protection against external threats. For any infrastructure (from servers to PCs)

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Reliable Colocation

In terms of reliability, fault tolerance and security, the data center is built in accordance with the TIER 3 level requirements, according to the international standard TIA 942. The data center can be taken out of commercial operation for repair or maintenance work without interrupting the provision of services to customers.

Optimal energy efficiency

The most important parameter for a commercial data center is the energy efficiency indicator - PUE, which determines the ratio of total energy consumption to the needs of IT equipment.

Security and access control

The data center has 2 physical security circuits (external and internal) and video surveillance along the entire perimeter. A special mode of access to the computer rooms of the data center excludes the possibility of unauthorized physical access to the clients' equipment.


Unit placement

If your business does not need to store large amounts of data, this solution will be the ideal option. You get a guarantee of server protection against power loss, round-the-clock access to hosted equipment, an effective fire extinguishing, air conditioning and cooling system.

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Server cabinet rental

The solution is suitable for companies in which the security policy requires the placement of servers without the possibility of outside access to it. Renting a server cabinet provides not only uninterrupted operation. equipment, but also provides a guarantee of the protection of corporate information.

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